Using Amp Sims Successfully

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Using Amp Sims Successfully

Postby kittonian » Fri Oct 04, 2013 9:07 am

We have tested so many of these so called "sounds like the real deal" software amp simulators over the years and there's only one that has truly stood up to be 90% of the real thing. That software is Avid's Eleven, but.... as always, this recommendation comes with a few caveats.

When we first began testing the software, we couldn't get a useable sound. Either it was too hot, not warm enough, too gritty, not breaking up properly, etc. It wasn't until we found the perfect combination of mic-pre and DI that we realized how amazing the software could be. That combination is the A Designs REDDI tube DI and either the A Designs Pacifica mic-pre or our Neve 1073 modules. As we all know how expensive a 1073 is the Pacifica does 95% as good a job, and you get two channels in 1U, backed by one of the best companies in the industry.

By using the REDDI tube DI with a lower output setting, you experience what tubes bring to the table without introducing too high of a noise floor. Send the output into your preamp and adjust the gain so that you are in the middle of the input range when looking at the plug-in's interface input level (read: not the input level of the audio track itself).

If you're not already familiar with both the REDDI and the Pacifica, here are some links:
A Designs REDDI:
A Designs Pacifica:

Some of our favorite models in Eleven are the '66 AC Hi Boost, '59 Tweed Bass, and the '69 Plexiglass (with the Vox 2x12 cab), all using the Royer 121 mic emulation with the speaker breakup about 3/4 of the way up.
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